Eradiate Workshop 2022 Update

Hybrid event confirmed

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that the Eradiate Workshop 2022 will hosted by ESA (ESRIN) on March 29th-30th, as a hybrid event allowing both online and physical participation. Registration is open until March 21st, 2022, feel free to register by sending an email to Please note that the number of on-premises seats is limited and that those will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. The announcement letter and current agenda are available here.

Among other things, we have been busy lately with the addition of components required to account of the roundedness of our planet. The widespread plane-parallel assumption overestimates atmospheric light path lengths at high viewing and solar zenith angles. The impact on recorded radiance at the top of the atmosphere can amount to several percent. Support for the so-called spherical-shell geometry is therefore essential to Eradiate’s roadmap to high accuracy.

Below is an artistic view of Earth generated using the RGB mode of the Mitsuba renderer, which we use as our radiometric kernel, and the spherical volume data source plugin we wrote to support the spherical shell geometry. The surface is textured with Tom Patterson’s Natural Earth and the atmosphere’s scattering coefficient is set to arbitrary values with an exponential vertical density profile and Rayleigh-like spectral profile.

Blue planet

Vincent Leroy
Vincent Leroy
Lead Developer