Eradiate aims at providing the Earth observation community with a flexible, modern, open-source 3D radiative transfer model based on the Monte Carlo ray tracing technique.


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Towards more accurate simulation of Copernicus Sentinel optical data

This is an extended version of a story published on the Copernicus Sentinel portal. The Copernicus programme is more than ever a cornerstone of many scientific research and engineering activities and is an important part in the development of public policies. It is therefore of prime importance to ensure that this data is accurate and reliable: How certain can we be that the values we are looking at are what they seem to be?

Eradiate Spring News

Alpha development update. We decided to use Mitsuba 2 as our computational engine! Workshop 2020 announcement.

Eradiate Winter News

News about Eradiate Workshop 2019. A few words about radiative transfer model accuracy estimation. Ah, and work on our first alpha is starting!

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Vincent Leroy

Lead Developer


Yves Govaerts

Scientific Advisor


Yvan Nollet

Core Developer


Sebastian Schunke

Core Developer


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