Eradiate Winter News

News about Eradiate Workshop 2019. A few words about radiative transfer model accuracy estimation. Ah, and work on our first alpha is …

Estimating the accuracy of 1D radiative transfer models over the Libya-4 site

In this post, we present an overview of the process used to estimate the accuracy of four 1D radiative transfer model over the Libya-4 …

Eradiate Workshop 2019 Final Agenda Now Available

The final agenda for the Eradiate Workshop 2019 is now available. You can attend remotely upon request.

Website Update

Our website underwent a theme update.

Registration to the Eradiate Workshop 2019 is now open!

Registration to the Eradiate Workshop 2019 is now open!

Eradiate Summer News

The Eradiate Workshop 2019 provisional agenda is now available and registration is open.

Eradiate Workshop 2019 Early Announcement

The Eradiate Workshop 2019 will take place at JRC Ispra (Italy) on Nov 26th and 27th 2019.

Eradiate Winter News

The general design of Eradiate is being worked on. We present a flexible interface concept. The Eradiate team also needs two additional …

Eradiate Summer News

The European reference radiative transfer model was renamed as Eradiate. Information and news about the model are available at …

User requirements analysis document release

The first issue of the User Requirements Analysis document is released!