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RAMI4ATM and RAMI Workshop 2023 − Deadline Update

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The JRC recently announced in an email campaign that the submission of results for the RAMI4ATM benchmark would remain open until April 21st, 2023. The Eradiate team is working hard to submit its contribution!

As announced in a previous post, the JRC is organizing a workshop dedicated to the RAMI benchmark series on June 7th-9th 2023. We will participate in the workshop and strongly encourage people interested in radiative transfer for Earth observation to register. The deadline for abstract submission is April 21st, 2023, see the original announcement to register

We will communicate at that time on the Eradiate user session we will organize jointly with the workshop. We plan to cover the following topics:

  • recent feature additions and improvements (including interface and data),
  • roadmap for 2023-2024,
  • user feedback (show and tell, feature requests).

If a topic you would like to see mentioned is missing, please get in touch at